<aside> 💡 Trying to help people more straightforward and easy to build on TON from Day 1.



⭐ 3 Major Categories / 三个主要模块:

  1. Telegram(telegram.org):

    1. Telegram BOT
      1. (https://core.telegram.org/bots/api)
    2. Telegram Mini-App (TMAs):
      1. https://core.telegram.org/bots/webapps
      2. https://ton.org/mini-apps
  2. Wallet(wallet.tg)

    1. Wallet Pay (https://pay.wallet.tg)

    2. TON Space (non-custodial wallet)

    3. The Payment API from Telegram(Telegram Stars): ⇒ …..

      🫥 Telegram Stars [WIP]

  3. TON Blockchain(ton.org):

    1. TON Connect (https://github.com/ton-connect/sdk)
    2. Smart Contract Language: Tact, FunC. Sandbox
    3. Different RPC endpoint to call the on-chain data ( 🚂 About API / RPC endpoint )

<aside> 🔥 You don’t need to base your product on the TON Blockchain; you can still build it on a mini-app framework. However, by doing so, your users will experience the best UX for sure. The integration between @Wallet and the Telegram API provides the best support for the TON Blockchain.


🤩 General Web3

Official Github

🤍 About Whitepaper | 關於白皮書內容

  1. Genesis Whitepaper: https://docs.ton.org/ton.pdf